Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The PPSC's mission is to serve the public interest and help make Canada a safe and just society by:


These values serve as a guide for expected behaviour and action at all levels of the PPSC. Every PPSC employee has a role to play in creating a work environment where every person can bring their whole self to work and feel valued and empowered to contribute.

PPSC Values


We are committed to treating everyone equitably, with empathy, and compassion because everyone is worthy of respect.


We work to earn the trust of our colleagues and the communities we serve. We are accountable for what we say and do.


We use our knowledge, skills, experience, and judgment to be effective. Our humility, integrity, and wisdom are apparent in our work. We function as one team to leverage everyone's strengths and remain flexible to adapt to change. We continuously strive to learn and seek better ways of doing our work.


We make difficult decisions informed by fairness and justice. We confront biases including our own. We stand up against injustice, harassment, and discrimination.

Equity and Inclusion

We want to contribute to a criminal justice system that truly serves the public interest. We acknowledge our past failures and are determined to eliminate systemic discrimination and the over-representation of Indigenous, First Nation, Métis, Inuit, Black and marginalized community members. We seek to be equitable, accessible, accommodating, and inclusive by design. We are strengthened by people of diverse heritages, faiths, cultures, abilities, and cognitive functioning.

Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

We acknowledge the historical and on-going failure to protect the lives, values, and culture of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. We seek to reconcile the differing values of the Canadian criminal justice system with those of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Our aim is to build a just relationship that addresses both the over-representation of Indigenous Peoples within the criminal justice system and the high rates of violence against Indigenous Peoples, particularly Indigenous women and girls.

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