What we do

Lawyers entering a courthouse

The role of the prosecutor is a unique one. Unlike how we are portrayed on television, our job is not to secure a conviction but to present all the evidence in a fair, yet firm manner to obtain a just result. We must uphold the highest standards of professional integrity and performance. It's not for everyone, but for those who choose prosecutorial work, it's very personally and professionally rewarding.

— Chantal Proulx, Acting Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (2006-2012)

The PPSC is a federal organization that is responsible for prosecuting offences that fall within federal jurisdiction, and for providing prosecution-related legal advice to law enforcement agencies.

Cases prosecuted by the PPSC include those involving drugs, organized crime, terrorism, tax law, money laundering and proceeds of crime, crimes against humanity and war crimes, Criminal Code offences in the territories, and a large number of federal regulatory offences. We provide prosecution services under some 60 federal statutes.

The PPSC employs approximately 900 full time employees, including 500 prosecutors, and retains more than 800 private-sector lawyers as agents across Canada. We have a dedicated and dynamic team of professionals who work together to make the PPSC a world-class prosecuting authority.

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