Work locations

Collage of Canadian places

As a national organization with offices throughout Canada, we can offer mobility and the possibility of work in different provinces. We also offer the possibility of doing circuit work in the north, which can be especially appealing to younger lawyers who want to gain experience prosecuting Criminal Code cases, and to see firsthand how life is lived in northern Canada.

— Chantal Proulx, Acting Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (2006-2012)

The PPSC has 11 offices across Canada, with a presence in every region of the country. Such geographical representation offers prospective employees broad and varied opportunities. You can live and work in virtually any area of Canada and be close to a PPSC office.

The PPSC has offices in all three territories, and provides you with the opportunity to work in remote northern locations of unparalleled beauty, to be involved in interesting cases, and to work with First Nations, Aboriginal, and Inuit communities to make a real difference in Canada's justice system.

In all of our many work locations there are a variety of opportunities for exciting work in our dynamic and growing organization.

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