Youth Found Guilty of Terrorist Offences

OTTAWA, Ontario – September 25, 2008 – A youth accused in 2006 following Operation Osage was found guilty today in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice of charges related to terrorist activity under the Criminal Code.

The prosecutor’s job is not to secure a certain result, but to present the evidence in a fair manner and play the Crown’s part in the administration of justice,” said Brian Saunders, Acting Director of Public Prosecutions. “This is what occurred in this case. I would like to thank the prosecution team, the investigators, and everyone who worked on this case. I would also like to thank our provincial and municipal policing partners who worked with the RCMP in the investigation, as well as counsel for the Ministry of the Attorney General for Ontario who provided invaluable assistance to the PPSC in the prosecution.

As for the result, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada will not comment while the matter is still potentially subject to appeal. Publication bans remain in place on this matter.

Although the Court has found the accused guilty, the matter has not yet been completed, as the Court will hear an application by the accused in December, seeking a stay of proceedings for an alleged abuse of process. In light of this pending application, it would not be appropriate to comment further on the matter.

The PPSC is responsible for prosecuting offences – including terrorism offences - under more than 50 federal statutes and for providing prosecution-related legal advice to law enforcement agencies.

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